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Would you be more likely to buy a book if you'd read a short story from the same author?

"The freedom"…"I sink or swim on the merits of what I do"…"it's soooo good to get reader’s feedback."

(John Porter on favourite part of indie publishing.)

If you're a serious indie author prepare a short story for submission. They will be showcased online (for free) for a maximum of 6 months (you choose the timescale). An example of the typical online format can be found here.

If you're interested in reading something then start by looking through the available stories before choosing one to read online for free. You can then:

1) Rate it.

2) Review it.

3) Follow the author's links to some more of his/her work.

4) Make suggestions on how the author could improve.

5) Sign up for the monthly newsletter.

Or all of the above.

So, are you a reader or an author?


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